Farmer Answers Government Charges

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"It's the 'good ol' boy system' in Mississippi, here in Lauderdale County in full force," said hog farmer, Charles Clearman. He said he's disgruntled after recently being found guilty of importing wild boar from Canada into Mississippi.

He said the animals are considered domesticated by himself and the Canadian government.

"That's just the name that's attached to these animals, 'wild boar,' but these are domesticated wild boar," Clearman said. "And I feel like I've been picked out and basically deemed a criminal and that's not the case."

Clearman was fined more than $6000 and had his hunting privileges taken away for two years.

"They won't even let me fish in my own lake, won't even let me hunt on my own property, where I'm not required to have a Mississippi hunting license. I don't understand why I didn't have a jury trial but I guarantee, a jury would not have convicted me of this," said Clearman.

Clearman said the conviction is all the more puzzling because he already has an exotic wildlife license from the Department of Agriculture.

"I've got deer which were purchased in the state," said Clearman. "Those animals fall under the Department of Agriculture. How these pigs get into the hands of Wildlife, I don't know."

The farmer said, to continue to fight the charges in court simply would have cost too much money. He compared it to David versus Goliath, only this time, Clearman says, Goliath won.