Supporting Mississippi Troops

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Four thousand Mississippians in the Army National Guard are preparing for mobilization for duty in Iraq, but Saturday was full of celebration thanks to unlikely supporters.

Three civilian women put on a rally Saturday in Jackson, Miss. to cheer the troops into action.

Brigadier General Ben Gaston is heading into training Sunday for duty in Iraq . Saturday's rally comes one day before the 155th Brigade is off to Camp Shelby.

"It means a lot to them for the public to show their support and the group that put this on, The 155 Brigade represents approximately 50 percent of the Army National Guard in the state of Mississippi, and that's why they're calling it the largest deployment since World War II," explained Gaston.

The troops also received support at the rally in the form of letters from Gov. Haley Barbour, Senator Trent Lott and First Lady Laura Bush.