Politics Reigns in Neshoba

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As people ate lunch Thursday at the Neshoba County Fair, there was a sign from above. The same political signs cover light posts, fans and cabins. A reminder of this fair's political presence.

This year’s big political race is for the state supreme court.  Candidates are stumping for their place on the high bench.

"I have more experience on the bench than any of my opponents.  I was circuit court judge for 11 years, I have been on the Supreme Court for almost three years," says the honorable James Graves a candidate in District 1.

An interesting election really because the office is supposed to be non-partisan and not too political. We run non-partisan elections but it is certainly political, it is as political as any other election," says Graves.

 "We have tried to call on people from both parties to help. But understanding it is a non-partisan race," said the Honorable Samac Richardson, a candidate in District 1.

The judiciary issues seem just as partisan as it strives not to be.

I do not support abortion, I am pro-life. I do not support gay marriage, I am for a constitutional band on gay marriage," said Richard Grindstaff a candidate in District 1.

Candidates for the state supreme court do not align with a political party, although its not that hard to figure out. Instead they focus on issues like their values.  Ever since former court justice Oliver Diaz Jr. was accused of bribery, they say the main issue this year should be finding someone who is honest and will execute the job with integrity.

"Unfortunately the Supreme Court of the state of Mississippi has been an embarrassment for Mississippi. Businesses are scared to come to this state. However the court is changing, and I want to be a part of that change," said the Honorable Mike Randolph a candidate for District 2.

Come November many of the candidates will rely on experience to secure the seat, other the idea of change. Either way, this non-partisan, supposedly non-political seat requires all the politics in the world to obtain.