Barbour Criticizes Democrats

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Governor Haley Barbour criticized Senator John Kerry and praised Mississippi at the Neshoba County Fair today.  Last year at this time, Barbour was campaigning for the office of governor. Thursday he used the fair to praise Mississippi's accomplishments.

"The fair was great to me last year, and it’s a great tradition. But this is also an opportunity for me to talk about what we have done, to thank the legislature for passing some of the things I proposed. And also the future, what we are going to do for education, to make sure we have a strong education agenda for next year," said Barbour.

Barbour also said he'll call a series of meetings this fall to discuss education and develop ideas for the 2005 Legislative session.

Barbour used his speech to praise President George Bush and called the Democratic presidential ticket too liberal for Mississippi.

Barbour told about 400 people under the tin roof of Founders Square Pavilion that Democrats are gathered this week for their party convention in "that bastion of conservatism, Boston, Taxachusetts.'' He also said Kerry has a more liberal voting record than Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Insurance Commissioner George Dale surprised some people at the fair by saying he's voting for President Bush this fall. Dale said he intends to remain a Democrat, but he doesn't like his party's ticket this year.