Democratic Convention Underway

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Over 4,000 delegates came to Boston from all over the country to officially nominate Sen. John Kerry as the democratic presidential candidate. Some of Kerry's detractors are there, including two men dressed in “flip flop” costumes.

The biggest stars in the democratic party will take the stage at Boston's Fleet Center until Kerry officially accepts the nomination Thursday night.

Former President Clinton addressed the delegates and the prime time TV cameras Monday. He was introduced by his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, who was initially left off the roster of speakers.

Melba Clark of Meridian is a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. She represents the Third Congressional District. Before leaving Meridian, Clark said she's looking forward to attending a number of caucuses at the convention that will deal with various issues in the party platform.

Kerry campaign officials are downplaying expectations that the democrat will get a huge polling bounce out of this convention. They say most democrats already support him. In fact, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Kerry has lost a little momentum and no longer has a slight lead over President Bush.

In the past month, Kerry has lost support against Bush in Americans' trust to handle terrorism, taxes, Iraq and even health care.

Campaigning in Florida Monday, Kerry urged republicans and independents to stop and think about who they will vote for in November.

“There's nothing conservative about piling debt on the shoulders of our children and driving the deficits up as far as the eye can see," said Sen. Kerry.

Kerry's running mate, Sen. John Edwards, cancelled a campaign event in his home state of North Carolina Monday, so he can rest his voice before addressing the convention on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of the apparent presidential nominee, on Sunday told a Pittsburgh newspaper editor to “shove it”. She claims he had misquoted her. The reporter had asked Heinz-Kerry what she meant in a speech where she talked about “un-American traits creeping into politics.”

Mrs. Kerry said she didn't say that. A spokeswoman said the senator's wife reacted out of “sheer frustration” at the newspaper, which she claims misrepresented facts about the Kerry family.