Clinic Needs

Although things are now quiet, come Tuesday nights when it's open, business is booming at the Wesley House Healthcare Clinic. In fact, officials say so many people are seeking the assistance of the center that it's becoming hard for the free clinic to meet the needs of patients.

"We start taking application on Monday morning at 8 o'clock,” says Wesley House director Nell Grissom, “and by 8:15 this week it was filled. That tells you the need."

Open once a week on Tuesday nights from about 5:00 until 9:00 p.m., the clinic serves people who otherwise could not receive healthcare because they cannot afford private insurance and are not eligible for any government assistance.

Aside from the need for more medical volunteers, Grissom says a big problem now is keeping medicine stocked.

With medicine shelves seemingly filled, Wesley House officials say don't be deceived. They say it's sometimes like, "Looking for a particular outfit. You can never find it when you really need it." Besides, with the clinic's medication bill averaging about $2,000 a month, they say the clinic needs all of the medication that it can get.

"Tuesday, we bought about $1,500 worth of medicine and that wasn't the prescriptions that we had called in at all. That's just shelf medicine. We just can't handle it!"

Anyone who would like to donate time or money to help keep the clinic open is asked to call Wesley House at (601) 485-4736. Clinic officials say any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

"These are not just sorry takes!" says Grissom. "I'm seeing people that are suffering. If it wasn't for the grace of God it could be me or someone in my family. They are good people and they are really hurting."