Students Take a Look Around

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Parents of students new to Poplar Springs Elementary School got the chance to meet the staff, see the classrooms and discuss the curriculum Monday night.

The school hosted an orientation for parents. Officials say it's beneficial for students just entering school.

"It's just a great time for them to know what to expect, to see the classroom and to just feel comfortable about coming to school," said kindergarten teacher Alatha Williams

"We're going to do all these neat things that I like to do. We're going to play on the playground. We're going to have nap time and we're going to have snack time, and we're going to have lunch time and all the things that I like to do and we're going to do it at my class," said J.D. Cain, who is a new kindergarten student.

The first day of school for meridian students is Thursday, Aug. 5.