School Crossing Ahead

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Thursday will mark the beginning of the school year for the Meridian Public School District and others around the state.

As students head back to school, the Meridian Police Department will be once again strictly enforcing school zone speed limits.

"The faster you are going, the less reaction time you have," said the MPD's Lt. McElhenney.

School speed zones are in effect during the entire school day, while others will be in effect during the peak hours before and after school.

"These speed zones were put into effect to protect the children and it is important that people obey," said McElhenney.

The department is also asking that the motoring public use extra caution around school buses. They want to remind motorists that it is a violation of the law to pass a stopped bus, if the arms and signs are out.

"We just want this to be a safe school year and we want everyone to be safe," the officer said.

In addition, there will be general congestion around schools as parents drop off and pick up their children. You are asked to only use marked spaces or designated parking so traffic flow will not be impeded.