Children First: School Days

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It was a day of mixed emotions for many. Some children were happy Thursday morning to see friends they haven't seen since last year. Others were nervous and some were just excited about learning.

"I'm nervous. Well, it's like Paw Paw said. 'I don't know what's ahead of me and all,'" said third grader Michael Swanson, Jr.

"I love to learn because it teaches me better things to do," said first grader Tanika Williams.

The children weren't the only ones with excitement and nervousness. Parents were having their share of emotions as well, especially for those of first time students.

"I'm a little nervous but she is not nervous," said Teairia Smith, who has a child entering kindergarten. "She is going to do great here at Poplar Springs."

"She is really excited to be going to big school and I am really excited for her," said parent Sharon Wottrich.

"They're excited to meet new friends, new teachers. It's just an exciting day for the whole family," said parent Angela Lindemann.

To make the first day run a little smoother, teachers have been preparing for the big day. They helped direct students to classes, explained the school rules and handed out textbooks.

"Today is the first day of school and we have new uniforms for the first time," said Brooke Corlette of Magnolia Middle School. "The kids look excellent today. We have a lot of exciting things planned for this school year and a lot of new policies and procedures we will be implementing."

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