State of Education in Enterprise

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As school starts in Enterprise, school officials say their biggest challenge and number one goal is continuing to grow and be as far above average as possible.

"We want to continue to grow and be the target for everyone, we want to stay above the state average," said Enterprise School Superintendent Arthur McMillian.

And they seem to be on the right track. With two level 5 schools and one level 4, test scores are only expected to be better this year. They do, however, plan to focus more on college preparation, trying to increase high school ACT scores.

"We are looking at ACT scores. Our students may have great scores, but we are not hitting the ACT scores like we need to on a general level, even though we are above the state level," said McMillan on Thursday.

Enterprise is doing well technology wise, the classroom is equipped with computers, they have scored the highest Business Computer Technology testing in the state. The district also uses a one of kind, state of the art science computer lab. They still admit, there is always room for improvements.

"We would like to see more classes to be offered, but right now with the funding the way it is, you are limited in how you can hire staff to do that right now," explained McMillan.

The lack of funds is not limiting facility renovation. Thanks to a special loan from the government, Enterprise will begin restoring the main high school and administration building this year. They have also maintained a full teaching staff despite the budget crunch, ensuring a hands on education.