On the Preservation Road

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A Civil Rights bus tour is continuing its journey that will end up in Philadelphia, Miss., on Aug. 20.

Organizers of 'The Voices of the Civil Rights Movement'' are collecting an archive of oral accounts from people who experienced it.

"I was the only black player on my team in high school, and as we walked into the dining room I was among the last and, as the team got in, the maitre d' or the owner or whoever called over the coach and said, 'Sorry, everybody else can sit and eat but you can't," said Marvin Willingham.

"The legal system can force open doors and knock down walls but it cannot build bridges," said John Marshall, son of late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. "That job belongs to me. It belongs to you. It belongs to all of us."

So far, the tour has collected more than 1,000 personal stories that will be archived in the Library of Congress.