Snowden Responds to "Attack Ads"

The Mississippi Democratic Party is making State Rep. Greg Snowden of Meridian a target of critical commercials.

Chairman Wayne Dowdy said Snowden and three other republicans were instrumental in the Medicaid Reform Act gaining passage.

Some of the individuals affected by the changes claim they will not have adequate coverage, but Snowden said the bill was passed by democrats and republicans with democratic leadership.

"And it has only been since then that there's been discussion about doing something differently. The governor has said all along if it's not going to work, that we'll fix it and go back like it was," said Snowden. "He believes it will work. It's just a matter of giving it some time, and instead of scaring people and instead of trying to confuse people, it's a matter of getting the information to them and trying to make this program work, which will save our Medicaid program tens of millions of dollars."

Snowden said if the poverty-level, aged and disabled Medicaid recipients don't get adequate coverage with the changes, the Legislature intends to reinstate the program.