Tearing Down to Build Up

Some demolition work got underway again Monday in Meridian. The project is a cooperative effort between the city and Lauderdale County.

Vacant houses that have been left to deteriorate by their owners are now being brought down on 35th Avenue at 11th Street.

Supervisors' board president Joe Norwood said the county is working on the removal whenever time allows.

"It has become an eyesore and a health hazard in the community. These houses have been sitting here forever. They're falling in and dangerous," said Norwood, who represents District 4. "And we're just happy that we're able to work with the city in getting them all demolished. Hopefully, some of these properties' owners will take possession of them again. What we would like to see is these lots become available to someone can come in and erect their houses here again."

The cost of the demolition will ultimately be passed on to property owners.