Burglary Ring Arrests

So far, two arrests have been made in a series of residential burglaries in Sumter and Choctaw Counties. Investigators say the burglaries began two months ago.

"Well, we've been working on this case every since the first of June," says Sumter County Sheriff Johnny Hatter. "One thing led to another. We ended up getting some search warrants and recovered a lot of stolen property and got signed statements about who went in what house and who took whatever."

Investigators say mainly basic household items such as tools, air conditioners and lawn mowers were stolen in the burglaries. They say many of the stolen items have since been recovered.

Doc Kendrick from Ward, Alabama and Charles White from Lisman, Alabama are charged with at least eight burglaries in Sumter County and several others in Choctaw County. Sheriff Hatter says more arrests are possible.