Scoring High

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After months of anticipation and a year worth of hard work, the statewide test scores have been released. In comparison to schools across the state, several in Newscenter 11's viewing area did quite well.

On the math tests, Enterprise ranks highest in the state for grades 3 with over 87 percent of their students at or above the proficiency level, and grade 2 at Poplar Springs came in second highest in the state with 68 percent at or above the proficiency level.

"We are very proud of the scores we has last year, but our teachers and students have exceeded growth this year. We are just thrilled to know what we did, worked," said Linda Dulaney, Principal at Poplar Springs Elementary.

When looking at the reading tests, Enterprise comes out on top again with grades 3 and 5 garnering 100 percent of its students scoring at or above the proficiency level.

In subject tests, West Lauderdale Attendance Center came in third highest in the state, but its the English Department at Clarkdale Attendance Center that is on cloud nine, their scores placed them highest in the state.

"We are ecstatic, we knew we did well, but we didn't know we were the highest in the state. You can imagine how my English department feels. We were just so thrilled to find out this news this morning," said Jan Miller, Principal at Clarkdale Attendance Center.

These scores will determine each schools state accountability level and the schools status in the Federal No Child Left Behind standards. Many schools already know their level but they will not be officially announced until September.