Guard Stabbed at Parchman

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A prison guard at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman was stabbed and severely beating Wednesday by an inmate in a shower.

Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps said Friday a preliminary investigation showed the guard did not follow procedures and policies in checking the inmate's clothes before taking him to the shower.

Epps said the inmate had hidden the makeshift knife that he used to attack the guard. Epps declined to identify the guard or the inmate. The incident occurred in the maximum security unit.

WABG-TV in Greenville Thursday identified the guard as Arthur Robinson, a 14-year veteran at the Parchman prison.

Epps said, in watching the videotape of the incident, the guard was attacked from behind after calling for another guard to open the shower door. He said the guard was stabbed in the shoulder and had a cut on his hand but none of the wounds were life threatening. He said the inmate also kicked the guard in the head several times.

Epps said the guard is at home recuperating after being treated at Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in Clarksdale.

The investigation is continuing. Epps said prison policy requires two guards to accompany inmates at all times. He says the guard also made a mistake in handcuffing the inmate with his hands in front of his body rather than behind his back.