Land Dispute

"They took the land and used it as they wanted to and we are suppose to sit back and let them do it without putting up a fight," said Tempie Young.

Seventy-eight-year-old Tempie Young is referring to a land dispute, which her family now has with Waste Management concerning the Pine Ridge landfill on Murphy Road. With the landfill established in the early 1990s, family members say Waste Management lawfully has access to 15 acres of land. However, they go on to claim that in addition to the 15 acres, the company is now "illegally" using at least another 10 acres.

Tuesday morning members of the Young family formed a human chain, blocking Waste Management trucks from the entrance to the dumping site.

"Like they say they can move in and take somebody's property if they're there then years, but we're paying taxes on it," Young said.

"My father passed in 1994. When we got access to his records we saw a lot of discrepancies. When we brought it to their attention, they knew about the discrepancies, they didn't act," said landowner Armster Young.

According to family members they have been trying to resolve the matter with Waste Management. However, no action has been taken.

With the matter pending possible litigation, Attorney Ralph Young for Waste Management declined comment on camera, but did issue this statement by phone, "I feel secure with the companies position."

At the suggestion of Lauderdale County Engineer Neal Carson, the blockade ended when both parties agreed to hold a special meeting on the matter. There is no word when the meeting will be held.

Meanwhile, with waste no dumped on the land, members of the Young family have this to say:

"We just want them to go ahead and pay up because they ain't nothing we can do with it," said Young.