Jack Promoted to Detective

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Nearly two years ago, Meridian police Officer Rita Jack was accused of stealing money while working at the department's front desk, placed on administrative leave, and ultimately fired.

After appealing her termination, the Civil Service Commission ruled in Jack's favor and reinstated her a year ago. The case was also examined by a grand jury, which declined to indict her on any charge.

Now, a year after her reinstatement, Jack has been promoted to detective after passing the required tests to qualify for the job.

"When you're a fighter, you're a fighter and you feel something needs to be done, you're going to do it," said Jack. "You're going to find that fight from somewhere within, but it doesn't come naturally. You build yourself up to it."

Jack said she does not see the promotion as vindication of the charges originally leveled against her, but an indication of the hard work she's done to be successful in her chosen profession.