Children First: Achieving Perfection

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Robert Peden, a third grade student at West End Elementary School, is an example of hard work paying off.

Peden recently found out, after returning from his summer vacation, that he scored a perfect score of 600 on the mathematics section of the state MCT test. His teacher said she's not surprised.

"Robert made a perfect score on the math section of the testing and only missed a few things on the other areas," said Jennifer Boyette.

She said a perfect score in a subject like math is very uncommon.

"A lot of times kids struggle trying to do math, but Robert has not and he is such a great child," Boyette said.

The shy Robert has a love for solving problems, and even helps tutor his classmates.

"Robert is the type person that gets embarrassed but he was so proud that he was able to do it. I can count on him to do anything. He makes 100s on all of his tests. They look up to him as a classmate and they know what he is capable of and they use him," Boyette said.

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