Whiskey Stills Busted

During a raid Friday morning, enough illegal whiskey or moonshine was found to fill hundreds of gallon-size cartons.

"It's sort of a joke, but it's sealed whiskey. Because when you screw that lid on there, when you take it off you've got to break that seal," said Rusty Hanna with Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The packaged whiskey was manufactured in storage houses behind the suspects' homes. In the first raid, 45 gallons of whiskey was confiscated along with a small amount of manufactured marijuana and a marijuana plant. Meanwhile, much more was found in the second still.

"Well, in this place what we found was a set up with a 500 gallon cooker. He only had 300 gallons of mash but he had the capabilities to going a lot bigger than what he was. I think his intent was to go bigger," said Hanna.

Arrested in the cases were 53-year-old Klein Caldwell, Jr., and Klein Caldwell, III, who both also face charges of manufacturing and possession of marijuana.

Meanwhile, 48-year-old Earnest Byrd was also arrested. He's charged with manufacture of moonshine and possession of stolen goods, for a four-wheeler confiscated from the residence. All could face up to three years in prison and a $500 fine.