Monument Moved

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What had become a familiar sight when passing through downtown Meridian is now gone. Late Saturday night the very man who erected the 120-pound concrete Ten Commandments monument on 23rd Avenue was seen taking it down.

"I want to be a law abiding citizen. I'm not in it to cause a controversy," says Mike Bunkley with Jesus Saves Ministries.

Bunkley has traveled all over the state and has placed 30 similar monuments in six counties. However, the difference between those monuments and the one that was in front of the Bible Bookstore, is that he had permission to place those such was not the case here.

Bunkley says a few weeks ago he got a letter from city officials saying that the monument was on city property and because he did not first ask permission to erect it, it had to be moved.

"I wanted to leave it and the city has allowed me to keep it up this long without permission. We just need to go through the right process," says Bunkley.

What still stands is a similar monument in the window of the Bible Book store. There are also several other similar monuments scattered around town. Over the next 20 years, Bunkley says his ministry hopes to erect one million Ten Commandments monuments around the country.