Local GOP Convention Delegate

Kris Gianakos, who is the former chairman of the Lauderdale County Republican Party's executive committee, left for New York Friday. We caught up with him before his departure.

Aside from the speeches and rallies during the four day event, he says delegates will take part in a number of other activities.

"President Bush's 'Compassion Across America Program' continues there. This is from what we started in Mississippi a month ago. The delegates and alternate delegates are going to participate in activities in New York City in either giving blood or helping clean up pars or donation food to the shelter," says Gianakos.

Meanwhile, with elections less than three months away, Gianakos says the convention will be an important time to showcase the candidates’ personal sides.

"I think the importance for President Bush and Vice-President Cheney to show their personal sides because people need to see that. They're part of the American citizenry and sometimes that gets clouded in a political sense."

Overall, Gianakos says the convention is a very important time for the Republican Party to layout for the country its primary goal.

"I'm talking about the platform of individual responsibility, reasonable taxes, continued family values and a good education for everyone. Those are the ideas that will be presented at the convention."

The purpose for the convention is to officially nominate President Bush and Vice-President Cheney as candidates for the party's presidential ticket. The convention began Monday and will end with a speech from the President Thursday night.