Firefighting Then and Now

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Meridian Fire Capt. Ricky Leister has been a firefighter for 12 years. He said the last year is different from the 11 that came before.

"We look at things a whole lot more in detail that we used to," said Leister. "We don't take everything for granted near as much as we used to. Even though we're going to fires and stuff like that it's just different."

Lester said his family has been affected as well.

"They see what can happen, what can possibly happen to us on any given day," said Leister. "It's more of a reality now than it used to be."

Senior firefighter Adrian Coleman is an 11-year veteran of the fire department.

"Every day we come in we don't know what's going to happen," said Coleman. "We learned that on 9-11 of last year. I believe that it brought the fire department as a whole closer together statewide and on the national level and I think the public has more respect in our job and what we do."

Coleman said the basic job of a firefighter is still the same but their approach to that job is different since 9-11.

"Our job basically hasn't changed," said Coleman. "We're just taking more time and not be so blind-sided going in to a house like we used to. We do have to take an extra second to think and make sure that everything's going to be safe before we do barge into a house."