Alias Season 3 on DVD

Season 3 of ABC's action drama "Alias" is now available on DVD. The stars of the show celebrated the event in Hollywood.

The new season of Alias is being delayed until January, which has frustrated some fans of the show, but interruptions in the sequence of new episodes also frustrated some viewers in 2003.

"I think that putting the series on in January and having 22 episodes in a row will prevent people from getting ticked off at all of us. Right? I mean they'll be able to see the whole thing in a row," said actor Ron Rifkin, who plays Arvin Sloane.

If you're a series fan, then you know in the first two seasons the focus was about getting on the right side of homeland security. Then the series took a shift and that's what Season 3 was all about.

Alias has aired on Sunday evenings at 8:00 p.m. on ABC and WTOK-TV, Channel 11. It's expected to return to the same time slot in 2005.