Family Awaits Closure

Death Penalty
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December 9, 1989, Martha Boswell lost her son Jim, a Houston Police officer.

"He took his eye off of him and he was shot in the temple," said Boswell. "He died instantly."

Since then, Boswell has waited for justice to be finalized. It appears it may come on Nov. 19, the day her son's killer is to be executed by the state of Texas. She and her family will be there to witness the death of Craig Ogan.

"Some have reservations about the death penalty," said Boswell, "but he was Jim's judge, jury and executioner."

While seeing the deed as justice, Boswell said she is not looking forward to the event and will experience no joy in it.

Ogan has few appeals left open to him. On the night of the murder, Ogan was wounded by Jim Boswell's partner and apprehended.

He told officials then that he shot Boswell because he was angry about having no heat in his hotel room.