Johnson: Accountability First

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Dr. Henry Johnson has been on the job as the state's top educator for a little over a month now. Since that time, he's been touring the state, meeting with local educators and administrators, bringing his message of academic accountability.

He calls it "no excuse" education, meaning schools should not allow economic and social factors to prevent kids from learning.

"We can't use the lack of parental involvement or money as an excuse to not do everything we can to help those kids succeed," said Dr. Johnson. State Board of Education President Kenny Bush of Philadelphia said he's pleased with the job Johnson is doing so far.

"One of the things we've asked him to do is meet with teachers, superintendents, and schools," said Bush. "And he's done that ever since."

Johnson will take his message to lawmakers next week, as he meets with the Legislative Budget Committee to present this year's budget proposal. He said that proposal will be a substantial one, and he hopes lawmakers will approve it.