A Closer Look at McDaniel's Claims

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Jackson, Miss. No matter what happens with Mississippi's Republican Party Executive Committee, Chris McDaniel's legal team says it's prepared to go to court in a challenge of the results of the June 24 runoff with Thad Cochran.

The McDaniel campaign says it has nearly 250 pages of evidence to show improper voting occurred.

Attorney and political analyst, Andy Taggart, is a Thad Cochran supporter. He says he isn't convinced the challenge will hold up.

"I would've thought all of with all of the carrying-on and emotional claims of voter fraud and irregularities, that when it was finally presented there would be the sense of, 'oh my goodness there's something really wrong with the election'," Taggart said.

Taggart says McDaniel's camp invited people to have high expectations that fell flat with the final product.

"If I'm surprised at all, it's just that, sort of, is this it?" asked Taggart.

McDaniel's attorney Mitch Tyner said he thinks they have a solid case.

"We want the executive committee to have everything, and I can just apply part of it, the election still goes to Chris McDaniel instead of Thad Cochran," Tyner said.

Tyner explained the reasoning behind branching out from just the voting records and including Facebook posts.

"There's just a sampling of it, but on social media, self-described Democrats were bragging they were elated that they controlled the outcome of Republican Primary," said Tyner.

Some have cast doubts on how post-election polling will hold up in the challenge. Tyner says it goes back to the election law that says a person shouldn't vote in a primary unless they intend to support that party's nominee. That's why McDaniel is criticizing Cochran's outreach to Democrats.

"We knew it violated the statute, but how are we going to prove that? So at that point we need to know, did people violate the statute?" said Tyner.

McDaniel's team is requesting a response from the Republican Party in four days and a hearing four days after that.