A Meridian Boy's Wish Comes True

Matthew Valentine has gone through life with a serious heart condition, but today at Sam's club in Meridian, he had a wish come true.

Matthew has always wanted to go to New York, and when the Make-A-Wish foundation heard about his wish, it reached out for a sponsor. Sam's club adopted his wish and funded his family's trip to the empire state, along with a Mississippi State sweatshirt, cake, and seven hundred dollars spending cash.

"I like history. There's a lot of history in New York to go see, and I like memorials," Matthew said.

"It means a lot. We've been through tough times, and I'm glad the community was able to come out and show this support for us. We just very much appreciate it," said Matthew's father Greg Valentine.

The Mississippi Make-A-Wish foundation granted over 100 wishes in the state last year. It says this couldn't happen without wish adopters like Sam's club.