Meridian Public Schools Prepare For Common Core

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Meridian, Miss. It's that time of the year again when the halls of schools become flooded with students eager to learn, anticipating new friendships and seeing old friends, but most importantly it's a school year that many teachers have worked countless hours to prepare for, whether it be through setting up the classroom or preparing new lesson plans for a brand new year that starts Wednesday for Meridian Public Schools.

"This summer I spent, pretty much tried to do two hours a day learning about common core and preparing for the year and integrating common core with the arts," Poplar Springs Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher Mary Kathryn Endicott said. "Also, preparing for an entertaining school year."

Common core, It still remains a mystery to some parents about what it really is, but some have hope that it will open new doors for learning.

"I think it's going to be a very challenging year, but for the children it will open up their minds to more in depth study and more in depth concentration on what they need to do," Grandparent Katherine Thomas said.

In addition to taking on a new learning atmosphere for many students, parents also took time out of their schedule to sign a petition that will help fund education, a petition that many say will help make education better in Mississippi. While the bells haven't yet rang to begin a new school year, many are excited to begin a new journey.

"I'm looking forward about seeing the teachers and all that and seeing what new stuff we are going to be doing," Poplar Springs 2nd Grader Camaron Burchfield said.

"Kids, they love summer break but it's amazing how many are ready to get back in that routine of school and all that school brings with it," Poplar Springs Elementary Principal Lavonda Germany said.

In addition to Meridian Public Schools, Lauderdale County Schools also start school on Wednesday August 6.