A Two Car Accident Leaves a Business Damaged

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Meridian, Miss. Meridian Police responded to a call late Monday afternoon after a two vehicle crash left one person injured and a business sustaining damage. Several witnesses were present at the time of the accident and they say the driver of a red sedan was heading southbound on Poplar Springs Drive and was preparing to turn into a State Farm office when another driver in a white SUV rear-ended the red sedan. Witnesses then say the driver of the sedan lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road crashing into the side of Amerprise Financial.

" I think she just ran straight into the wall there after being hit by another car over that way," Bookkeeper Perry Gower said. "They hit her from behind, which drove her this way and then she hit the wall."

The accident caused traffic to backup on Poplar Springs Drive as law enforcement officials cleared the scene. At the time of the accident, many weren't aware of what exactly happened.

"I work on the other side of the house here and I was sitting in there doing some bookwork and then all of a sudden i heard a boom and I felt it," Gower said. "It was a big shock and I didn't know what happened. It felt like a bomb was going off, so I came running outside to see and there were three or four people already here running towards the car that hit the wall."

Witnesses say they checked on the driver of the sedan before calling 911. Shortly afterwards, she was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Officials say that the owner of the business will be in contact with their insurance company to make sure the building is structurally sound.