Active Investigation of Attempted Robberies

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A pair of attempted armed robberies took place about 30 minutes apart at two Meridian Cefco stores around 4 a.m. A shot was fired in one of them.

The first happened at the Cefco on 35th Avenue when the suspect tried to enter the locked store.

"The clerk had locked the door while they were taking care of housekeeping inside," said MPD Capt. Dean Harper. "The clerk refused to open the door and the robber fled on foot."

A half hour later, a suspect entered the Cefco on North Hills Street, but the clerk spotted him while coming out of a back room and was able to hide.

"The clerk retreated to the room and locked the door, and the robber fired off one shot in the store before exiting out the front door and fleeing on foot," Harper said.

Police say they believe they may be related since they occurred in a short time frame at stations on the same side of the city, and the suspect fits the same description.

"It is a slender black male wearing a hoodie," said Harper. "There is a very good chance they are connected."

Last Thursday at Mayor Cheri Barry's news conference about crime, she announced increased patrols and continued to stress the importance of calling the police when you see something out of the ordinary, and those two tactics seem to be helping.

"People are heeding our advice in calling in suspicious behavior. We've had more calls coming in about suspicious individuals in neighborhoods, and we do appreciate those calls coming in," said Harper. "We do believe that some of this will help cut some of the crime down."

If you have any information that might help investigators in either of these incidents, call Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860.