Active Shooter Simulation Drill

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Meridian, Miss.

City and county agencies ran a disaster drill Tuesday at the old Kate Griffin Junior High building in Meridian.

Police, fire, and even the Mississippi National Guard turned out for this drill, which they played out as a scenario of an active shooter in a school.

Training like this isn't a common occurrence, only about once every 3 years.

Police Capt. Wade Johnson says training like this is crucial for all agencies involved.

"It's very important for us to train with other agencies when we have an incident that we may lack the expertise in," said Johnson. "Police usually train with police, fire usually with fire, National Guard with National Guard. So this gave us an opportunity to train with them and hopefully it gave us all an opportunity to learn our different responses."

Not only was there an active shooter simulation but also a chemical release in the gym for medics and fire departments to practice their response time and skills.