Actors Bring History to Life at Rose Hill Cemetery

Photo courtesy: Annie B. McKee
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The annual Rose Hill Historic Costumed Cemetery Tour takes place Saturday evening in Meridian.

Organizers and participants say they hope to teach people the city's history in a unique way as actors portray historical figures and tell their stories.

"It's our third year," said organizer Anne McKee. "We've always had large crowds, one to two thousand each time. And this year I really think it's going to be the largest turnout that we had. We have all of our facts documented as we attempt to teach this history and heritage of Meridian and even Mississippi through the arts of telling stories and drama."

During his term as mayor from 1893 to 1901, Edwin H. Dial led Meridian through what is generally called its golden years. During that period of time Meridian enjoyed the miracle of electricity, new industries, machine shops and all categories of merchandising.

"I have the privilege and honor of playing Mayor Dial's wife," said Mayor Cheri Barry. "But there are so many other actors and story tellers that will be among the story telling. I'd love to invite all of Meridian and all of our surrounding area to come out and see this wonderful history of Meridian and learn about our heritage and what rich heritage we do have in Meridian."

Graveyard caretaker Walter Moore says Rose Hill was a cemetery well before 1853. But not all laid to rest there are identified.

"I've got 190 people buried in here somewhere," said caretaker Walter Moore. "They've got no markers, no record, but I know they're in here."

The tour begins at 6 p.m. Saturday. Admission is free.

Photo courtesy: Annie B. McKee
Photo courtesy: Annie B. McKee