Additional Flooding Problems Possible in Clarke County

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Clarke County, Miss. The flood waters are receding in many parts of Clarke County, but the threat of danger has not passed for everyone just yet.

Jimmy and Lacia Donald are not letting the flooding keep them from taking care of business. The couple brought their boat to Highway 512 near the Chickasawhay River in Quitman. It was not long before they were cranked up and ready to check on Jimmy's father, who lives nearby.

"We've got to deliver some mail to him that he needs to sign and get in the mail," Jimmy Donald says. "So, we going to take that and take care of business."

The Donald's aren't the only ones who have been inconvenienced by the flooding. Jason Boykin says he hasn't been able to go home all week because of the flooding. Instead, he and his son have been staying with family nearby.

"I'm glad to see now that it's kind of going down some," Boykin says. "Next couple of days I'm hoping we get home."

On Highway 512, you can actually see some of a car now, which was completely submerged in water after the heavy rainfall. Emergency Management Director Eddie Ivy says now, he is watching the town of Shubuta closely where the river is expected to crest at 35.5 feet.

"I believe we're probably going to exceed that a little bit," Ivy says. "But, we're working closely with the weather service to kind of monitor that situation."

The rain may be gone for now, but the problems it caused are still lingering across Clarke County.

"Like the people that live over there that are having to drive so far around just to get to town right now," Lacia Donald says. "They're the ones it really affects the most."

Thursday night, the water level in Shubuta was about 34.5 feet. Ivy says it is expected to reach 35.5 feet by Friday evening. People living in low lying areas could be forced to evacuate.