Additional Rain Raises Flooding Concerns

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Jackson, Miss.

Upward of five inches of rain fell overnight Tuesday in areas of north-central, central and south Mississippi, spawning more concerns of moderate flooding along rivers and tributaries.

Record rainfall was reported in Meridian and Greenwood while the 4.22 inches that fell in the Vicksburg area in the past 24 hours failed surpass the record 4.38 inches in 1967.

Meridian had 2.69 inches breaking a record of 2.43 in 1928. Greenwood got 3.31 inches, exceeding the record of 2.42 in 1996.

Meteorologist Anna Weber with the National Weather Service in Jackson, says the additional drenching would sustain high levels of the Pearl River and the Big Black River.

Elsewhere, minor to moderate flooding was expected on the Gulf Coast and in areas of east Mississippi near Chunky and Meridian.