After 5 Alive Hopes to Finish Strong

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Dumont Plaza was packed with hundreds of people enjoying live music and various other activities at Meridian Main Street's "After 5 Alive" concert series five Thursdays last fall.

Meridian Main Street Director, John McClure, says that they spent a very long time planning that series, and that all of their hard work paid off.

"It worked, it was very well received. We probably averaged better than 500 attendees at each of the five concerts, and the last one, the crowd built to 750 or 800 people."

With last fall's success, they planned to make it a tradition with a concert series each fall, but the demand was so great that they planned one for this April, a time when the weather is more likely to interfere with outdoor events.

Due to inclement weather, one concert was moved inside, and one had to be rescheduled, and attendance is far from what it was in the fall.

"We had a rain-out and had to reschedule, and as a consequence last Thursday, there was bad weather up until that morning, and I suspect people were a little gun-shy, and I suspect that has had an affect."

With two more concerts to go, McClure remains optimistic that as long as the weather cooperates they will be a success just like the first series.

"We expect to close out the series with good attendance. It's certainly going to be an artistic success. Come Fall, we'll be cranking it up again and it'll continue to grow and be bigger and better each time."

The next show is Thursday, Apr. 25, from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.