Air Force Graduates Receive Degrees

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Before eating pizza and wings and watching the big game, some local airmen were part of a graduation ceremony at Key Field.

Newscenter 11 was there as local airmen were recognized for having completed a degree with the Community College of the Air Force. Graduates are now equipped with better job skills, making them even more valuable to the Air Force and to the community as a whole.

"It's a wonderful, wonderful feeling," said MSgt Ahsaki Games. "Another goal accomplished and something I can share, an accomplishment I can share with my family."

"Every civilian world has a degree for you to get a job, and basically this is our degree for the military," said MSgt Richard Cavanaugh. "It combines technical credits that we do here in the military."

Meridian Community College President Dr. Scott Elliot was Sunday's guest speaker.

CCAF Graduates:

MSgt Sheri E. Burkes-Human Resource Management
TSgt Jonathan M. Carey-Air Traffic Operations and Management
TSgt Charles R. Carr-Mechanical and Electrical Technology
TSgt Shalonda R. Conner-Transportation
MSgt Merche S. Copeland-Nondestructive Testing Technology
MSgt Kevin M. Dyess-Mechanical and Electrical Technology
SSgt Jamie R. Easley-Criminal Justice
SSgt Kevin D. Fisher-Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technology
MSgt Matthew S. Fuller-Avionic Systems Technology
MSgt Christopher F. Galyean-Information Systems Technology
MSgt Ahsaki S. Games-Human Resource Management
MSgt Michael D. Griffith-Fire Science
TSgt Kim D. Holloway-Human Resource Management Logistics
SRA Tanya R. Ivy-Human Resource Management SRA Benjamin J. Jenkins-Electronic Systems Technology
TSgt Thomas C. Johnson-Electronic Systems Technology
MSgt Lawrence F. Little-Information Management SSgt John A Lofton-Air Traffic Operations and Management
TSgt Harold M. Martin-Criminal Justice
TSgt Gail McKinion-Logistics
SSgt Barry K. Nail-Information Systems Technology TSgt Jason M. Plamandon-Criminal Justice
SMSgt Michael D. Remy-Information Systems Technology
SSgt John W. Rohden-Electronic Systems Technology
SSgt Andrea J. Riley-Maintenance Production Management
MSgt Jason E. Rogers-Avionic Systems Technology
MSgt Mary G. Sanders-Information Management MSgt Steven R. Satterfield-Maintenance Production Management
MSgt Carl P. Shannon-Logistics
MSgt Jessica R. Skinner-Education and Training Management
SRA James P. Stewart -Electronic Systems Technology
MSgt Nina C. Trotter-Human Resource Management
MSgt Robert C. Walker-Air Traffic Operations and Management
MSgt Glenn G. Webb-Information Systems Technology
TSgt Christopher C. Woods-Aviation Maintenance Technology