AirCare Celebrates New Home

Meridian, Miss.
The University of Mississippi 's AirCare transport program celebrated its new facility with an open house day.

AirCare's permanent home is at Meridian's Key Field. The helicopter based in Meridian is one of two operated by University Medical Center. The other aircraft is based in Jackson.

Base manager Sam Marshall says the Meridian team serves much of the state, making sure critical patients get the help needed as quickly as possible.

"We're basically a flying ICU," said Marshall. "We have ICU equipment, capabilities, medications that some rural facilities may not have. And that's the whole purpose, to bring a highly skilled critical care team to patients, and provide higher levels of care in between transports, and also be able to bring resources to facilities that may not have them. "

The helicopter has had a temporary home in Meridian since 2009, but Marshall says the new permanent facility shows UMC's commitment to keep the transport program in Meridian.