All You Can Eat Pancakes for a Good Cause

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Meridian, Miss. The Pancake Jubilee might be the most delicious way to raise money for the youth of our community. This year is the 67th year the Downtown Optimist Club has hosted this pancake breakfast. For just a small amount of $5 you can eat all you want and support had all you can eat pancakes. So far this year, the numbers have been promising from the amount of people who have already stopped by.

Paul Tarver, known around the breakfast as Batter-Man, said "So far this morning it's been pretty good, pretty steady. I was working this morning and we were running about 20 percent ahead. I'm very excited and very optimistic about how the day is going to look.” When asked how many they were expecting, he replied “Fewer than we had. We had a lot of people come through this morning. But it was good; we had a lot of people visiting and a lot of people eating."

One has to wonder, how much syrup a 12 hour long all you can eat pancake breakfast uses. Well the answer is a lot.

"We expect to use about 75 gallons of syrup, expend about 500 pounds of butter, cook 10 thousand to 11 hundred pancakes, and cook over 7000 sausage patties, so it's a big day. That's my kind of breakfast,” according to Tarver

All the money raised from the Pancake Jubilee will go to helping the kids of our community. From Boy Scouts to youth golf, from baseball to the Salvation Army, anything that involves kids, they try to lend a helping hand. According to Paul Tarver, accounting for all 67 years and inflation, he estimates they have raised at least a couple million dollars, all of which goes right back into the community.