AmeriCorps Busy at EMCC

Scooba, Miss. Since arriving May 21, a team of AmeriCorps volunteers has done landscaping, painting, and framed a volleyball court on the campus of East Mississippi Community College in Scooba.

Team leader Megan Rawson hails from Newtown, Connecticut, the site of a deadly school shooting. She says AmeriCorps volunteers are motivated by the belief that what they do will make a difference.

"And it's about working as hard as we can to put positivity and good effort into this world, because I think, there's a whole lot of bad. But projects like this and people like this are a reminder of how much good there is," said Rawson. "And I think there's a lot of good that we can do here and together."

The college submitted a proposal with a list a projects to be done and was selected by AmeriCorps to have this team visit.

EMCC vice-president, Dr. Andrea Mayfield, says the service of AmeriCorps will be a great benefit to students and the college. The team worked Wednesday on skirting for Katrina cottages that are being used as campus housing.

"I don't know if other community colleges have these but they did become available to us several years back," said EMCC vice-president, Dr. Andrea Mayfield. "And because of our tremendous growth we had a need for additional housing. And it was a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to increase our capacity through these cottages. And that's what we've done."

This group of volunteers will stay at EMCC till June 10.