Ammo Shortage Continues

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Meridian, Miss. C.W. Garrett of Garrett's Sports Center in Meridian has been in the business for 42 years, and has never seen a run on ammunition like this before. He says he's always been able to keep a pretty big stock, but he just about ran out back in the winter when the buying frenzy was at its height. Now, 6 months later, things haven't changed much.

"We carry virtually just about everything, but right now, we're out of .22's, that's hard to get, .17 HMR's are hard to get right now. Small caliber, real-fire stuff is very hard to get, and a few types of your center-fire ammo."

Garrett has several vendors all over the country that he purchases ammo from, but just like a few months ago, he still can't get very much from them because the product just isn't there.

"Right now it's just hard to get, and we're allocated just little bits and pieces, and as soon as we get a few boxes in and people find out we've got it, it's gone. It just will not last."

Just like Wal-Mart and several other retailers, Garrett has had to limit how much ammo his customers can buy at once.

"Right now if we get some ammo, we'll do 1-2 boxes of .22's, and .223 ammo we'll do up to 5 boxes."

Despite the limits, customers are still looking to purchase as much ammo as they can, but Garrett says sometimes he just can't keep up.

"Everyday, everyday. There's people in here everyday asking for ammo, and if we've got it we'll sell it to them, and we try to keep boxes for our customers who purchase our guns, but right now we're so low on that we can barely even do that."

Garrett, along with other ammo retailers don't see the shortage ending anytime soon.