Anderson Breaks Ground in Livingston

Livingston, Ala. The Anderson Family Medical Center broke ground Tuesday for what will soon be its new home in Livingston.

The clinic has been open for about 18 months now, but has been operating out of a mobile home. Construction is set to begin on the new building mid-march, and the medical team hopes to see completion sometime in the fall. The building is about 35-hundred square feet, and the physicians say this will provide huge benefits to the residents.

"We love it here; we love the community," said Dr. James Robinson. "They have been so great and so supportive of us. We're just hoping to offer them a full-time medical clinic where they don't have to go to Meridian or Tuscaloosa to get their medical needs. They can get them right here in Livingston."

The new clinic is almost five times larger than its current temporary building.

Robinson says this will allow the team to provide more services for more people.