Annual 4-H Horse Show Taking Place in Lauderdale County

Lauderdale County, Mississippi Kids who love horses from all over this area have gathered in Meridian this week for a big event.

The annual 4-H Horse Show began Thursday at the Lauderdale County Agricenter. Kids ages 8 to 18 are taking part in both showmanship and speed events. Organizers say it is a great opportunity for these kids to show what they're learning on their horses, while having a little friendly competition.

"I'm the national vice president of the American Quarter Horse Youth Association. Kids from over the southeast region of Mississippi come to compete in everything from haltered to showmanship to pleasure to running and goat tying events," said Kalee McCann of the American Quarter Horse Association. "Having girls and boys both compete in 4-H I really think helps with kids maturing and growing up. It helps them get involved with things other than just your daily average teenagers and it teaches them responsibly."

The horse show will wrap up Saturday. Events start at eight in the morning at the Agricenter.