Antique Alley Returns to the Twin States

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Meridian, Miss. The 14th Annual Antique Alley is this weekend. The longest yard sale occurs every year the weekend following Mother’s Day. Antique Alley is 502 miles of everything you can imagine along Highway 11. It starts in Meridian at Highway 11/80 near Cracker Barrel then continues all the way to Bristol, Virginia. For some who participate, it's a chance to sell unwanted items. For others, it's an event they plan for year round.

Teresa Westbrook is one of the local organizers who participate every year. She says “You can expect everything. There's yard sale kind of stuff, there's antique, there's furniture, there's primitives, there's purely junk, there's things for people who do Pinterest to do projects, there's stuff that already finished, house hold stuff, baby stuff, and then there's people who plan on this year round and bring all the stuff they've collected all year and bring it out."

Weather isn't expected to be a problem this weekend, but could cause some problems while vendors set up along the 502 mile route.

Westbrook says "Right now rain should be on Wednesday, which will make it tough for those of us trying to set up, but I believe it's supposed to be beautiful. Even if it does rain, i have a big canopy and everybody just clusters in there under my canopy and i tell them, 'you better be shopping if you're going to stand under my canopy (laughter).'"

One thing is certain; those who shop or sell at antique alley are excited

If you ask her, she’ll tell you "Oh yea I’m real excited. I'm hoping to see a bunch of folks that I see once a year who come through all the time from different states. It's just really a lot of fun."