April Weather is Roaring Through at a Record Setting Pace

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Meridian, Miss Today marks the midpoint of April and we have already seen plenty of weather for the month so far. From severe weather, to raging floods, and now old man winter is giving it one last hurrah and bringing freezing temps back to the area. Right now April’s weather is roaring through at a record setting pace. So what do people think of this weather?

Fannie Billups says "I love it. I just came from the snow of Michigan. So it's great for me." She is one of Meridian’s newest residents

Marvin Gibson said "It’s kind of hard on some people, especially those in low areas, fortunately for me I live up on a hill." He went on to say "Like I told you, God's in control of it, we just have to live with, I’ve had enough cold weather though."

Now those winter winds are howling again threatening to bring a late freeze to the area. For many residents, they've had enough of winter and cold weather.

One resident, Philip Osbourn says this all feels normal to him "I think it's different this year, but i think that it's seasonal weather, the way it does is kind of typical, we always have a cold snap before Easter and Easter is late this year."

Just as a sample of the crazy weather we're seeing this April, we've had twice as much rainfall as we normally get for the whole month and it's only half way over. We are on pace to break into the top 10 rainiest Aprils we've ever had. April 15, 2014 will go down as one of the coldest days we've ever had, and if we drop below freezing, it will a new record low for April 16th.