Area Church Celebrates National Back to Church Day

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Meridian, Miss. National Back to Church Day is a day that falls on September 15th of every year and this year it just so happens to be a Sunday.

The Council of Organizations building played host to True Love Missionary Baptist Church, Meridian's newest church. Pastor Lois McPherson says the church celebrated Back to Church Day at her old home back in Michigan and thought it would be great to introduce Meridian to that tradition to help save those who might be lost.

"If you have a church home, go back to your church home," McPherson says. "If not, then we welcome you to join True Love Missionary Baptist Church. We're here to encourage you to go back to the lord, to return back to your Shepard, because we need the lord not only today, but each and everyday of our life."

Although there weren't many people in attendance, McPherson hopes it IS because they have already honored the day and returned to their church homes. She also says they are expecting many more to show up as the afternoon rolls on because many local churches have only begun to let out. Many great guest speakers were on hand for the day.

According to, 82% of people who don't attend church are likely to attend if they are invited.