Store Promotes Severe Weather Preparedness

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Meridian, Miss. The urgency of having a weather radio is always stressed during the months of Spring, due to the significant weather that affects the area. In an attempt to help citizens understand the importance of a weather radio as well as how to set one up, a special promotion event will be held Tuesday, April 22nd, at the Walgreens on 24th Ave. Store Manager Anand Aguillard says storms can strike at anytime and it's important to get alerts from the weather radios.

"I do know that this time of year, weather is a big factor," said Aguillard. "A lot of pop up storms, tornadoes, weather, rain, a lot of things come up really fast. We want to make sure that people have access to the weather radios and be able to get out of harms way at the time you need. "

The Midland Weather Radios can be programmed for your specific county as well as any warning that you would like to receive. With recent devastation of floods and tornadoes it's always important to have some form of communication between you and a storm.

"It'll give you up to date information on weather as it's coming down, if there's a tornado or a flash flood warning in your area," said Aguillard. "It will tell you to take cover if there's a tornado warning in your area, so those things are very important to get your family and yourself safe."

With most storms that hit our area affecting us at night, your best source to wake you up will be a weather radio and then you can tune into weather coverage.

Area Walgreens as well as Cowboy Maloney's has Midland Weather Radios in Stock. The event at the 24th Ave. Walgreens will be held from noon to 4 PM where snacks will be provided.