Armed Robbery

Friday morning marked the second time within three weeks that one of David Haggard's local convenience stores has been robbed.

'People are getting desperate. This is getting ridiculous!'

In this case, both suspects were armed with guns; one of the handguns was long and silver. Because of store procedure, Haggard says the two only got away with $100.

'There's going to be more cameras, more police officers hiding in our offices with loaded guns. We're hunting when we're doing that, we're taking a chance, but it's going to be ugly when we get somebody, when that scenario happens.'

The owner of the store feels that what the suspects were wearing will be key in tracking them. At the time the taller of the two was wearing very distinctive tan boots; there appeared to be some type of tassel dangling from at least one of his boots. He was also wearing a knitted cap that had tassels hanging down the sides of his head covering his ears. Also, on the back of his jacket there appeared to be an emblem or writing that was possibly shaped like a triangle and black and white in color.

As for the second suspect, at the time he was wearing distinctive black and white sneakers and what appeared to be white gloves that could clasp at the wrists.

In the wake of this most recent robbery, Haggard is calling for more police and better pay for them.

'I'd like to make a plea to government, to anybody out there that can help us get more funding for law enforcement to increase funding for law enforcement. We've got officers and deputies and investigators that are working all day long and they are staying up all night long doing security work so they can make ends meet. That's got to quit! We've got to fund law enforcement better than we ever have before.'

As for the two suspects in Friday morning's armed robbery, both are black males. One was thought to be about 5 "10 in height and the other six feet. Anyone with information that could lead to their arrests is asked to all Crimestoppers at (601) 485-1860.