Armed Robbery Suspects Released

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Two armed robbery suspects are back on the streets after spending three days in jail. Two juveniles, Robert Edwards and Tony Kimble were arrested Friday night after an armed robbery outside Books-A-Million around 7:00 PM. With bond originally set at $250,000 each, and the fact that they are being tried as adults, some shoppers felt safer that these two suspects were locked up, but now, after posting ten percent of their newly reduced $10,000 bond, they're free until trial, and that has shoppers worried for their own safety and angry at the judicial system.

Meridian resident Alicia Shine says that, "I don't feel that it's right because I think that they needed to be tried as adults so that an example could be set for the youth so they know that they can't get away with doing all these crimes they're doing, and just staying on the streets and causing more crimes."

"I think it's silly, it's stupid, and it's not working," said shopper Bill John.

Jasmine Dunn was shopping at Meridian Crossroads and says that, "Parents, you shouldn't let your children out at this time of night, and especially have them walking around the Crossroads parking lot looking in people's cars."

"I just feel that it's bad for two other criminals to be on the streets while it's Christmas time and we're shopping for our loved ones. We should always feel safe shopping for our loved ones," said Trinity Glenn, who does not shop alone.

The presiding judge over the case, Beauchamp Jones declined to comment, as well as the Meridian Police Department. Assistant City Prosecutors Thomas and Pamela Bittick were not available Tuesday afternoon.