Armed Robbery Victim Heads for Gun Shop

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Meridian, Miss Rameka Brooks says she was startled around 5 a.m. with someone pounding on her door and shaking her door knob. As she got to the door, trying to double lock it, a man pushed his way in.

Brook recounts the terrifying ordeal. "When I asked him who he was looking for, he named a person, and I said, they don't live here, and he said, 'You know what?' and he pulled out a gun, he walked inside and pushed me in and closed the door behind him and locked it, and said 'Go get your purse and bring me all of your money, '" remembered Brooks. The man got away on foot. Brooks says she knows it could have been worse.

Her three children, all under the age of ten, were sleeping in the other room. She says she worries it will happen again, and worries about her elderly neighbors as well. So she headed out just hours later to purchase her first gun.

"It's not violence when you're protecting yourself and your family. So me getting a gun is gonna keep me and my children alive because at that time, I had nothing to protect me but my words. And it was only God's grace that those words kept him from hurting me or my children."

This single mom says next time, she'll be ready. "I'm at a gun range. I'm going to learn how to aim, point, and shoot, and I am not asking any questions. You come to my door unannounced, uninvited, I'm going to protect my family."